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Lectures & Events

Birmingham UFO Group holds lectures from international speakers who have made outstanding leaps in the understanding and development of the UFO subject. We also hold regular documentary nights and other events.

We would like to state that everybody is welcome to our meetings and lectures and membership is not required. BUFOG welcomes all new comers, whether you have previous knowledge of the subject or completely new to it. Note that BUFOG is not a money making organization in any way, and entrance fees go towards paying for the venue and events.

Venue Location
Hot Shots Snooker Club, 100 Crosswells Road, Oldbury, Birmingham B688HH

January 2015 - Shaun Coates Lecture

20th November 2014 - Mike Smith Lecture - An Overview Of A Life Long Experiencer

Date: Thursday 20th November 2014
Time: 7.30-11.30pm
Venue: Hot Shots Snooker Club function room, 100 Crosswells Road, Oldbury, Birmingham, B688HH
Price: £5.00 members, £5.50 non-members


Mike will be speaking publicly about what he has experienced most of his life. In 1968, he joined the army, and was initially based in Germany with the Area 51 team as it was one of only two nuclear facilities, he later trained with the SAS until an injury forced him to change direction. His experiences which began in early childhood, continued through his military career, then on into civvy street, as a musician, playing lead guitar.

He has been through an incredible array of events, and includes exposure to some very strange mind control scenarios, perpetrated by military and ET. Mike was completely oblivious to these abduction experiences, until he went through a life changing, paradigm shift occurrence, when he had a download, seeing suddenly, his entire life’s history in the briefest of moments, at the age of 43, which almost took him over the edge into a nervous breakdown.

Mike had never believed in anything to do with aliens, ET or anything remotely connected. In fact he could not have been less interested, and truly thought those such as he now is, an experiencer, were "complete nutcases", to use his term. He had a rude awakening, and as a feet on the ground person, this was the biggest shock. he could ever have had, to realise the stark reality of the fact that he was indeed an experiencer. It has taken a great deal of courage for Mike to share his story, which he hopes will encourage other military and ex military people to speak out too. He is in the process of publishing a book on his experiences entitled "43" with contact researcher Joanne Summerscales.

BUFOG Chairman Dave will also provide the usual UFO-related updates, including the lowdown on the Scottish Paranormal Festival. Hope you can make it!

1st November 2014 - Bonnybridge Sky Watch

1st November 2014

Malcolm Robinson and Dave Hodrien are dedicated UK-based ufologists. Malcolm is the Chairman of Strange Phenomena Investigations (SPI). Dave is the Chairman and lead investigator for Birmingham UFO Group. They will both be speaking at the Scottish Paranormal Festival being held at Stirling between 31st October - 2nd November.

As part of the festival they have decided (weather permitting) to hold a UFO sky watch at Bonnybridge, a village 10 miles South of Stirling. Bonnybridge is one of the UK's most renowned UFO "hot spots". With many interesting sightings over the years, it is the perfect place to hold a sky watch!

For festival goers, the plan is to initially meet up at 10pm at the car park outside the front of Albert Halls in Stirling. We will then travel in convoy to Bonnybridge and park up at the Scotmid Co-operative shop on Bonnybridge High Street at approx 10.25pm. After waiting here for a short while to allow for others to join us, we will then once more travel in convoy to the moors behind High Bonnybridge along the B816. The exact location for the watch will be decided by Malcolm in the days leading up to it.

Anyone either attending the festival in Stirling or at Bonnybridge on the evening of 1st November is welcome to come along, whether you have an interest in the UFO subject or are relatively new to it. Malcolm will give an overview of some of the sightings which have taken place around Bonnybridge over the years, and Dave will provide some details of some decent cases from around Birmingham while out at the sky watch location.

The sky watch is likely to go on till the early hours of the morning. You are free to leave earlier if you have your own transport, otherwise we will make a group decision as to when we wish to head for home based on the weather and how everyone is feeling. If you are planning to leave early please ensure that you take note of the route back to Bonnybridge, as it's easy to get lost!

Due to the time of year it is possible that the weather will be too bad for the sky watch to go ahead, however if it is cloudy or there is light rain it is still likely to take place. If you plan to attend it is recommended you wear warm clothes and bring waterproofs just in case. A torch, binoculars and a camera (especially if it has a night vision setting) are highly recommended. You may also wish to bring along snacks and soft-drinks.

If you have any questions or wish to confirm your attendance in advance please contact either Malcolm Robinson on, or Dave Hodrien on or 07990576577.

Maps & Photos

Albert Halls, Albert Place, Dumbarton Road, Stirling, FK8 2QL (10pm)

Scotmid Co-operative, High Street, Bonnybridge, FK4 1PN – (10.25pm)

Sky watch overview (A = Albert Halls, B = Scotmid Co-operative, C = Indication of area where sky watch will be held)


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