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September 2008 - Terry Walters Lecture

Wednesday 3rd September sees a great lecture coming to Birmingham, the renowned Terry Walters. Doors open at 7.30pm £4 members £5 non-members

TERRY WALTERS COULD HE BE THE NEW NOSTRADAMUS? you can see and as you can read in Terry's book "Who on Earth am I" these images are straight from Terry's recall to the pages of his book. They are "ORION PEOPLE" who amongst other things are adept at healing, start travel and warning us of dangers.

In chapter six of his book Terry explains in great detail his Orion friends and the workings of the craft they use while travelling through space. If you thought that you would need some sort of mechanical navigation system...YOU WOULD BE WRONG! Read chapter six and see for yourself.

Here is what Robert Bauval had to say after reading Terry's book."I have to acknowledge I was much impressed by Terry Walter's unusual telepathic abilities. Terry is an honest man with truly remarkable insights."
"Incredible stories, Incredible man"Ken Seddington: UFO UK Director world congress
"I have established solid evidence of Terry's claims."Omar Fowler: Flying Saucer Review


If you, as an explorer of your own past or future wish to share the highs and lows of what it is to ask "Who on Earth an I" If the echo of that question meets you with a frustrating silence then take a peek at the contents of the book with the same name. Your journey may have to be taken alone but it does not have to be a lonely one....
Psychic phenomena, Egyptian connections and extraterrestrial encounters it may sound like a work of fiction but it traces one man's journey through verified and documented FACTS.
What you will read about...
An impossible back operation years ahead of its time conducted by Orion's on one of their own.
Healing touch, healing vibrations conducted by Terry on various people some face to face others by remote healing.
International authors eliciting the guidance of Terry in a quest to answer age-old questions of our origins.

Meetings with medical experts who cannot explain Terry's spinal operation...NO ONE HERE HAS PERFORMED THIS OPERATION!UFO researchers turning to Terry for explanation and his TV appearances are written in graphic detail.
KINGS CROSS FIRE...a psychic link to the horrors that took the lives of so many...the second it happened!
BAD SPIRITS REMOVED...Some may think the church has the franchise on removing negative entities others are more astute than that. A request by a friend, a dark force and a chilling battle for good yet another chapter in the life of a psychic healer who has real friends in REALLY HIGH PLACES! (Orion).
INSIDE THE CRAFT...Not just a vague recall of his experiences with extraterrestrials but a detailed account and drawings of the interior of the Orion craft. With a system of touch and "thought-navigation" maybe NASA would do well to read?
WE ARE CONNECTED...When complete strangers approach you and ask "Where do I know you from" it is probably because they do. Unfortunately many of us cannot consciously recall our ancient memory our universal vibration that connects all living things. Terry has on many occasions vibrated with an energy signature that seems to attract like a moth to the light. Contained within the pages of this book are accounts of just such happenings and MUCH MUCH MORE...

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