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August 2008 - Philip Mantle Lecture

Phil Mantle’s Alien Autopsy Lecture Review

By Dave Hodrien

On the evening of Sunday 3rd August, BUFOG was privileged to welcome renowned UFO investigator Philip Mantle to the monthly meeting to give a talk on the infamous Roswell alien autopsy video. Although many of us had seen the footage before, very few had previously heard about the findings and events Phil had to divulge…

Phil started his presentation with a full showing of the main footage. I was one of the first to see the video when it was unveiled at the UFO Magazine Conference back in 1995, but even today it still has a creepy realistic quality. I spotted at least several people looking away at some of the more graphic moments. During the footage, Phil pointed out numerous things, including how accurate the surroundings and medical techniques were.

After the footage was over, Phil’s presentation took on a more negative view towards its authenticity. He explained in detail how, after years of research, they had managed to track down the people who helped create the video, and even some of the actors! He backed up all his claims with photographic evidence, and I think by the end of it pretty much everyone had the view that the alien autopsy footage was an elaborate hoax. The latest bombshell to be dropped regarding the video is a contact of Phil’s named Spyros Melaris. He claims that he was the one responsible for the design of the alien body, and assisted in perpetuating the hoax. However he was cut out of the loop, and unlike the owners of the footage did not end up much better off because of it. He thinks it is now time to let the world know the truth regarding the video. But the owner of the footage, Ray Santilli, claims (perhaps understandably) that Spyros is making it all up. Phil has done a lot of research into his contact’s credentials and seems satisfied he is the real deal. I know whom I believe!

Overall Phil’s presentation was both very interesting and informative. I’m sure everyone attending had a great evening. He followed it up with a Q&A session that started quietly but soon erupted into a constant show of hands. Phil was quizzed on not only the alien autopsy video, but also numerous other UFO incidents and related topics. He answered all our questions really well; his professional knowledge of the subject could easily be seen.
Any BUFOG members wishing to attend the annual UFO Data Conference in October will have the chance to listen to and speak with him again. If you’re reading this Phil, thanks for a great lecture and see you in a couple of months!

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