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March 2009 - Out Of The Blue

Monday 2nd March @ 7.30pm

Due to a family bereavement Andrew Russell has had to cancel March's Lecture-instead we will be playing the film "Out Of The Blue". We will be re-scheduling with Andrew soon and will keep you posted

Andrew Russell has been researching UFOs for the past 18 years and has had numerous sightings himself. His current research is using the Freedom of Information Act to elicit information from the MOD and is researching the abundance of sightings around South Wales and the Bristol Channel.
He is a clinical hypnotherapist/psychotherapist and has helped abductees regain hidden memories of their experiences.His presentation follows the use of the FOIAto gain information on UFOs, the way the MOD bends the rules to not reveal information, the "two-track" system of information regarding UFOs within the MOD and finishes with the UFO activity within the South Wales and Bristol Channel area.
Members 34.00 non-members £5.00

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