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May 2010 - Travis Walton Night

In November 1975, Travis Walton became one of the most recognised abductees on the planet. He and his co-workers were on their way home from a day of felling trees in the forest of Turkey Springs, Arizona. Their journey was cut short when they had a close encounter with a disc-shaped craft. Travis approached the craft, which led to him being taken for five days. BUFOG has decided to honour this monumental incident in the history of ufology with a specially themed night.

UFO Congress 2010 Travis Walton Lecture

A recording of Travis Walton’s lecture from the UFO Congress, in which he discusses exactly what took place and how it has affected his life ever since. He also covers new evidence to support the case which has only recently come to light. If you’ve never seen Travis speak directly about what happened to him, now is your chance!

Fire In The Sky

The excellent movie made about the incident. One of the best films ever made about UFOs, it covers exactly what took place from start to finish. Other than a bit of artistic licence with what took place on the craft, it is an accurate rendition of events. Whether or not you’ve seen it before, we’re sure you’ll really enjoy this one!

Venue: Midland Red Social Club, Wolverhampton Road South, Birmingham, B32 2AY
Date: Monday 17th May 2010
Time: 7.30-11.30pm
Price: Members £2.50, Non-Members £3.00

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