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July 2011 - Paul Vella Lecture - Bigfoot/Sasquatch Evidence

Time: 7.30-11.30pm
Price: £4.50 members, £5.00 non-members

Paul Vella is an independent Forensic Computer Expert Witness by profession, specialising in criminal defence cases, but he also managed one of the world's most popular bigfoot websites until last year and co-hosts 'The Bigfoot Show' podcast.

He's made several trips to the United States over the years gathering evidence and is widely regarded as the most credible authority on the subject to be found this side of the Atlantic.

A natural sceptic, Paul errs on the side of caution when it comes to Bigfoot evidence and reports, but as someone who works with forensic evidence on a daily basis, he says that some of the evidence for the existence of Bigfoot is compelling but he will reserve judgement until he has seen one for himself.

Having been involved in bigfoot research for many years, Paul casts a critical eye over the main elements of bigfoot evidence and how they hold up to impartial scrutiny. Paul covers historical sightings, eyewitness accounts, footprints, hoaxes, photographs and film and an assortment of other evidence and wonders what it would take to convince science of its existence.

This month BUFOG ventures into the unusual realms of cryptozoology! However there is still a link with UFOs, as some people believe that Bigfoot may actually have extraterrestrial origins. Hope to see you there.

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