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November 2011 - Andrew Johnston Lecture - Wilbert Smith and UFO/ET Disclosure

Date: 24/11/2011
Time: 7.30-11.30pm
Price: Members £4.50, Non-Members £5.00

Andrew Johnston returns to BUFOG once more, with a completely different lecture to last time.

Presentation Overview

In this presentation we will mainly examine Wilbert Smith’s key role in the research and analysis of the “flying saucer” phenomenon. Smith seems to have significant things to tell us. He does not seem to be that well known. As a prominent member of the Canadian Government, he had access to classified information. Smith held an unusual combination views which seemed to be at odds with his Scientific background and other work.

We will come across other figures who either worked with Smith, gave him information, or were speaking out during the same time period. We will also look at some other disclosures pertaining to the UFO/ET issue. What some of the Astronauts have said. Documents from the McDonnell Douglas aircraft corporation Travis Walton’s incredible case (documented in the Police record, with multiple witnesses to many of the events). Some incredible inexplicable footage from Mexico in 2009 Filmed at New Horizons St Annes, UK, 19 Oct 2009.

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