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March 2012 - Contactee & Dave Hodrien Joint Lecture - "Evidence For Contact"

Date: 15/03/2012
Time: 7.30-11.30pm
Price: Members £5.00, Non-members £5.50

In December 2010 a lady from Droitwich had two experiences which would change her whole perception on life and reality. Towards the start of the month, she was abducted from her bedroom and underwent an examination procedure by non-human entities. After this initial experience she was very un-nerved, so decided to set up a camera in her room to prove to herself that nothing was taking place. Within a week a second abduction took place. And when she checked the footage the following morning, she was shocked to see that the camera had apparently recorded her de-materialising from the bed! After being forced to come to terms with what had happened, she realised that there were other related incidents leading right back to her childhood, and that she had seemingly experienced contact since an early age.

In early 2011 BUFOG chairman & investigator Dave Hodrien was passed details of the case and got in touch. Over numerous interviews and a hypnotic regression, the full details of what had taken place were slowly uncovered. Since then, the lady involved has got in touch with numerous other individuals from the UFO field, and has also spoken of her experiences at Exopolitics 2011 conference. But now she has decided to speak publicly at  BUFOG alongside the investigator who has been with her since the start. The talk will feature new information which has never been spoken of before.

- Hear a complete overview of the two abduction experiences from 2010, and the many other events which have taken place, some of which have only recently come to light.

- After hearing the details directly from the individual involved, Dave will cover how these experiences fit in with the ET contact subject and other cases he has personally investigated.

- Discover the additional details which were uncovered via the hypnotic regression and which add weight to the authenticity of the case.

- Watch the astounding video footage which is already making waves through the UFO community, and which could be physical proof for the reality of abductions.

This talk represents a rare opportunity to hear about a contact case directly from the experiencer. Whether you're already very familiar with the contact phenomena, or know very little and want to learn more, you're in for a very informative and interesting evening.

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