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March 2012 - BUFOG Chairman on Manchester Radio Online


The Critical Mass Show
Date: Wednesday 28th March 2012
Time: 9.00-11.00 pm GMT

On 28th March BUFOG Chairman and investigator Dave Hodrien will be talking for two hours on the “Critical Mass Show”, Manchester Radio Online internet radio station. He’ll be covering information on the group, his opinions on the UFO and ET contact subject, some of the fascinating cases he has looked into over the years, and possibly even his wedding at the infamous black mailbox!

You are invited to listen in. To do so simply head on over to the official MRO website at

If the station isn’t already playing automatically click the Play icon.
If you miss the show for whatever reason, you will be able to download it later via podcast.

For a video advertisement of the show, click the below link:

Any additional questions? Contact Dave on
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