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July 2013 - David Griffin Lecture

Date: Thursday 25th July 2013
Time: 7.30-11.30pm
Price: £5.00 members, £5.50 non-members



David Griffin established the UK Exopolitics site in 2005 as the first national representation outside of the US continent. The global network now has around 30 countries represented  and resulted in a conference in Spain in 2009 attended by 1400 people. He is on the advisory board fpr the global Exopolitics Institute and helps edit the Exopolitic Journal.

He is currently focusing on starting CE5 type groups in the UK using cutting edge night vision and other consciousness expanding technologies as well as having recently co-written a book on 'Presidents and UFOs' with Grant Cameron. In 2012 he worked on researching some bizarre aspects to the Falklands War and Marconi Technologies  with New Zealand contactee, Alec Newald.


We were all once connected to each other by a system of communication and meaning that operated beyond the light barrier.  Something occurred in history which shattered this connection and left us not only in isolation from each other but also reduced our ability to communicate to "the Gods".

Why do some contact cases involve training individuals to learn an amazing new holographic language system? What could be the purpose of this for both ETs and terrestrial beings and what could be the profound impact of such a shift for planetary evolution? 

In this presentation -  we'll examine why the loss of this psi-ability led us into the chaos we see today and propose some startling theories as to why ETs visiting in the contemporary time-sphere may be attempting to re-engage this ability in human beings.

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