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October 2013 - Lucid Light Device Workshop

Date: Wednesday 30th October 2013
Time: 6pm - 11.30pm
Entry Price: £5.00

The Lucid Light Device (otherwise known as Lucia N°03) is a machine capable of inducing visual hallucinations, altered states of consciousness and even out-of-body experiences. It has been developed by clinical psychologist Englebert J Winkler and neurology specialist Dirk W Proeckl. There are a number of companies who have purchased these devices and charge for private sessions on them. In an effort to increase interest in the device next month it’s creators will be touring it around the UK and holding workshops at various locations. On the evening of Wednesday 30th October they will be bringing Lucia to Birmingham.

The workshop is being hosted by Birmingham UFO Group at their usual meeting venue in Oldbury. It will consist of a series of 15 minute sessions on the device through which many, possibly all, of the attendees will get a chance to try it out. BUFOG Chairman Dave Hodrien has agreed to interview each individual on camera prior to and following their session for research purposes. This is not obligatory and if you would prefer to remain off camera that’s fine. In addition to the sessions, the creators of the device will give a talk on its development. There will also be a documentary and other videos shown throughout the evening.

While using the device you will be seated in an enclosed tented area, with the device positioned in front of you. You will also be asked to wear headphones to cut off external sound. You will then be asked to close your eyes. The light seen through your closed eyelids is what causes the observed effects to occur.

The individuals who have a session on the device will be determined on a first come first served basis, so to be guaranteed a go it is recommended that you turn up towards the start of the evening. However you are able to come and go from the workshop as you wish, there is no obligation to stay until the end. The venue has free parking outside and a well priced bar. However if you intend to use the device the consumption of alcohol beforehand could affect your experience on it.

Device Overview

Lucia N°03 is a lamp-system that combines a stroboscope (flickering light) with variable speeds and intensity with a constant light that can be operated at different brightness levels. While the stroboscope activates different types of experiences such as, for example, intense perception of colour and form, bodilessness etc. can be experienced. The presentation of the constant light is responsible for the actual light experience itself.

Lucia N°03 now provides us with a powerful stimulator that generates EEG wave patterns that normally only occur after several years of meditation practice. Since the process involves rather than mere visual reproduction of the phenomenon caused by bright light, the course of each round of application is different. Lucia N°03 thus facilitates transcendental experiences that otherwise only occur in extreme situations, i.e. closeness to death, consumption of entheogenic drugs etc.  and subsequently generate the same positive after-effects. The value of this experience is unique and its effects are felt so intensely that one initial application is enough to trigger the desire for further rounds.

Note that effects experienced on the device vary from person to person.

Safety Notice

The usage of Lucia N°03 lies at the liability of the user. This system is not to be used on children up to 18 years, pregnant women or individuals who suffer from strobe intolerance i.e. due to a psychological condition (psychosis, anxiety disorder etc.) or individuals who have medical conditions with tendencies to epileptic incidences. After altered states of consciousness in rare cases it can cause flashbacks.

If you have any questions regarding the workshop please contact Dave Hodrien on or 07990576577. For questions regarding the Lucid Light Device please contact
Official Lucia website:

Note: No money is intended to be made from the workshop by either the creators of Lucia or Birmingham UFO Group. Entrance fees will go towards paying venue and hotel costs.

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