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September 2014 - Dave Hodrien Lecture - UFOs and the Music Industry

Date: Thursday 18th September 2014
Time: 7.30-11.30pm
Venue: Hot Shots Snooker Club function room, 100 Crosswells Road, Oldbury, Birmingham, B688HH
Price: £5.00 members £5.50 non-members

Dave Hodrien

UFO's & The Music Industry

Since the early 20th century UFOs have inspired musical artists around the globe and have led to the creation of many UFO and alien related tracks, as well as a general fascination with the subject in the music world. In this fun and informative brand new lecture, BUFOG Chairman Dave Hodrien will take you through the history of UFO-related tunes and explain the inspiration for some of these songs. He will cover many excellent examples of both artists and individual tracks who have been heavily influenced by the subject of ufology as well as some musicians who claim to have experienced UFO incidents of their own. You'll hear some amazing stories where the lines of Ufology and Rock N Roll cross. The lecture will also feature a video interview with well known UFO themed band CEIV.

In addition to this, Dave is proud to welcome contactee and rock musician "Unnamed 23-1", and his band mates, who will be playing on stage a new track they are in the process of writing themed on their own contact experiences. The report on these experiences is due to be added to the site in the coming months. Dave's wife Katie Hodrien will also be attending, and will play a folk rock song she has written themed on time travel and particle physics.

With many video and audio clips throughout, the evening promises to be a treat for both your eyes and ears! Hope to see you there.

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