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June 2017 - BUFOG Rendlesham Forest Camp

Birmingham UFO Group Event
Friday 30th June - Sunday 2nd July 2017


Believe it or not Birmingham UFO Group has now been going for ten whole years! Since 2007 we have been investigating both local and international sightings, holding monthly meetings, inviting researchers and witnesses to come share their knowledge and experiences, and seeking the truth of the UFO enigma.

To mark this monumental occassion we've come up with something a bit more special than just a party evening. We figured it was time we headed down to one of the most famous UFO-related places in the world - Rendlesham Forest, the location where one of the UKs most incredible UFO incidents took place. Over three consecutive nights in December 1980 many American personnel stationed at the nearby Woodbridge and Bentwaters bases had repeated close enconters with both unidentified craft and beings. This incident has gone on to be one of the most widely discussed, and controversial, events to take place on British soil.

For those in the know, the forest has been widely regarded as a highly paranormal location, even from before the incident. Many people have claimed to have had unusal experiences, witnessed entities and even on some occassions photographed them. 

So to celebrate our anniversary we will be travelling to Suffolk to camp at Tangham Campsite on the evenings of Friday 30th June and Saturday 1st July. The journey time from Birmingham is approximately 3 hours.

The campsite lies within the forest close to the Eastern edge of Woodbridge. It contains pitches suitable for tents, trailers, motorhomes or caravans, which are available for £40 for both nights (it is not possible to book for just one of the nights). Pitches are non-refundable once booked. They do come with electrical hookups on request. The site includes a shop for supplies, drinking water and washing facilities.You are free to turn up to set up your pitch any time after mid-day on the Friday, and we have to have packed up by mid-day on the Sunday. Bonfires, fireworks and radios/hi-fis are forbidden on the site. BBQs are permitted before 10pm, disposable ones must be placed on bricks to avoid any damage to the grass. Dogs are welcome but must be kept on a lead.

We plan to head out into the forest on the Friday night for an after dark exploration. Saturday day-time will provide us with a chance to experience the UFO walk (including some great photo opportunities). We can also relax at the campsite with drinks and BBQs. In the evening we aim to hold a sky watch and an after-dark vigil at the landing site, weather permitting). Dave will also give an overview of the famous incident, as well as details of other fascinating experiences which have taken place. On Sunday morning there is a nearby military museum which we can visit before we head for home. It's going to be a relaxing, fun and interesting time and also a historic event for BUFOG which will surely be talked of in the years to come!

It will be up to you to book your own pitch at the campsite and arrange for travel to and from the forest. If you are interested in sharing cars with others, ask around at one of our meetings or on our Facebook community page BUFOG Truthseekers. Our Chairman may have some spaces free in his car if you ask nicely! If you intend on coming along it is recommended that you book as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. Don't forget to bring with you a torch, warm clothing and waterproofs. You may also want to bring with you binoculars, camera or night vision equipment if you own some.

To book your pitch at Tangham campsite contact them on 01394 450707 and pay by debit/credit card. For campsite details or to check that there are still pitches available go to

Campsite address:
Tangham Campsite
Butley, Woodbridge,
Suffolk  IP12 3NF

Our Chairman will arrive at the campsite late Friday evening. Others may arrive earlier in the day. If you have any questions or would like to confirm you are coming for this event please contact Dave Hodrien on 07990576577 or

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