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July 2018 - Dave Hodrien & Tina Bird Lecture - A Lifetime of Contact

Date: Thursday 12th July 2018
Time: 7.30-11.30pm
Venue: Hot Shots Snooker Club, 100 Crosswells Road, Oldbury, Birmingham B688HH
Price: £5.00 members £5.50 non-members



In the spring of 2017 a lady from Southampton named Tina got in touch with BUFOG's Chairman Dave Hodrien to discuss a number of experiences which had happened to her over the years. As with many people, for most of her life she had kept these experiences largely to herself but felt at last that it was time to discuss them, search for possible answers and share them with the wider world.

In the following months over many discussions, both direct and indirect, Dave was to learn of what had taken place. He would come to realise that this was one of the most far-reaching and fascinating contact cases he had yet dealt with in his investigative career!

Tina's experieces include many deep interactions with Greys and other ET beings through recollected memories, impressive body markings and possible implant extractions, episodes of missing time and other paranorml activity. These incidents are often backed up with photographic evidence as well as actual medical documents.

This is the story of how Tina has had to come to terms with on-going contact from a seemingly extra-terrestrial origin and integrate it into her daily life. She has bravely agreed to speak publically for the first time alongside Dave at Birmingham UFO Group. You will see and hear some amazing things which may well alter your perception of the ET contact subject forever! We both hope to see you there for this un-missable event.

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