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November 2018 - Kieran Woodhouse Lecture

Date: Thursday 15th November 2018
Time: 7.30-11.30pm
Venue: Hot Shots Snooker Club, 100 Crosswells Road, Oldbury, Birmingham B688HH
Price: £5.00 members, £5.50 non-members



A lifelong interest in anything paranormal, from ghosts to Bigfoot to UFOs, has led Kieran down the path of paranormal investigating. He now spends his spare time investigating haunted locations with a team and occasionally (frequently) delving in to the world of UFOs and conspiracy theories. Kieran believes that these fields aren’t completely disconnected and can be drawn together if the dots are connected correctly.

Kieran’s presentation is for those looking to start out in paranormal investigating, where he explains how different pieces of equipment are used and talks about his personal experiences using the equipment, as well as any scepticism he has towards investigations. Also, having had a very close UFO experience, he will go in to detail about the sighting and how it has since affected him.

Kieran will be the final speaker of 2018 at BUFOG, so be sure to come on down for what will surely be a great evening! In addition to his talk Chairman Dave will go over the latest UFO news and give an update on current BUFOG cases, and there will be the usual raffle too.

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