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June 2008 - Kevin Goodman Lecture

The summer of 1976 experienced a spark that ignited the soul of a particular person. This person was Kevin Goodman and this man exposed Warminster to the world. Monday 2nd June 2008 was a very special moment for BUFOG and it's members, as for the first time ever in Kevin's 32 years of research into the phenomenon we were privileged to a lecture by the great man himself. We were very grateful to Kevin for allowing us this very special moment and what a night it was. I (Craig) met up with Kevin at lunch time on Monday so we could sit down and enjoy a conversation together before the members arrived. I was setting up the lecture room at the time and Kevin couldn't have picked a better time to arrive, I needed a hand.We spent over 2 hours trying get the laptop to work on the projector where we were showing some images provided by Kevin. I finally decided to drive home and pick up my PC as the laptop wasn't playing ball. 7.3pm and the doors opened, Kevin was looking a little nervous but I knew he would walk this lecture, this man has years of experience-this is his arena. The lecture started about 8.00pm and Kevin rolled straight into the lecture, in the first quarter of the lecture Kevin stumbled his words once. From my experience that is bloody good, to only stumble once in your first lecture, I knew from there on it would go from strength to strength and that's exactly what happened. Kevin started with reading a few witnesses reports and then followed by a half hour black and white documentary from the BBC which has only been aired once and even after much request has never been shown since. Considering this footage is over 30 years old and many of the warminster locals were interviewed, it was an amazing piece of history. It made a change to see such footage, peoples reactions and descriptions from the 60's and 70's instead of Internet video clips and digital images which dominate the subject in this current time. We then stopped for our raffle prize draw where the winner had a copy of Kevin's book UFO WARMINSTER personally signed by him.(images below, the winner is the man in the blue shorts) Kevin then carried on the 2nd half of the lecture with his own personal experiences in Warminster and how along with his friends their lives changed from that point onwards. Kevin has experienced an immense amount of activity in Warminster and around himself. The story we will keep to ourselves as we strongly urge you to purchase the book as this review could by no means do the book justice in such a short paragraph. Kevin's lecture brought passion and actually pulled you into the 1970's and you even felt you were actually there standing next to him on those hills at night, something not experienced very often at lectures. The lecture was definitely a walk down memory lane and broad casted in such sincerity. Kevin's experience had such an effect that most of the people who attended actually purchased a copy of the book.Kevin we would like to say from all at BUFOG that it was a pleasure to be in your presence and to be the first people in the world to hear your lecture, you did our group proud, Warminster proud and most of all yourself proud. If anybody is thinking of asking Kevin to do a lecture then we can promise you will not be disappointed. Kevin we thank you for this friendship we now have and can't wait for you to return to talk to us all again. HERE ARE THE IMAGES AND A FEW COMMENTS FROM MEMBERS AT THE LECTURE, you can also CLICK HERE to view the video footage on the podcasts page-
Just got home, and BRIAN (member) thought i'd fire of my thoughts while fresh in the head This was Kevin's Debut lecture, and do you know what? it was just brilliant He came across well, and built the background to the main / second half of his lecture nicely. You could really see the personal passion coming from Kevin Goodman during the second half. The master-stroke was inviting two of his close friends that were with Kevin in the 70's and shared his experiences. If at all possible, his close friends Colin Rees & Philip Crowther should become part of the lecture! you really get immersed in the events, because you are dealing with part of the group of friends that actually lived it. I bought the book, got it signed by all three chaps.. who by the way were top, top blokes! Can't wait to read the Warminster - Cradle Of Contact Book now! especially after getting a feel for the people involved in writing the book itself! finally, Thank you to Craig & Mark for making it possible! - onwards and upwards Bufog! P.S. Kevin Goodman has invited bufog members to a Skywatch in Winchester at the end of August! i'm sure all the details are over at Andrew (member) Yeah I really enjoyed Kevin's lecture so thanks to Kevin, Craig & Mark (whenever they get to read this). It was nice to hear accounts of a UFO case from the personal viewpoint of someone involved. Didn't get the book, however my brother Dave/Sech did so.... After an undisclosed amount of time when I've got through the pile I've had amounting I can hopefully read up on this case some more I'm also looking forward to that skywatch. Never actually been to an "official" one, as such DAVID (member) I concur, that lecture was top notch! Nice work Kevin. It was interesting seeing the old documentary too, cracked me up hearing people talk in the typical BBC posh English accent again. I am well looking forward to the skywatch, whether we see anything or not it will be really interesting visiting Warminster and the site of numerous UFO encounters. It'll be good fun, I hope many of you BUFOG members can make it...

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