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October 2008 - Mary Rodwell Lecture

A chance in a lifetime to see the Great and world wide respected Mary Rodwell live in Birmingham, from the sunny coast of Australia to the doors of the Midlands-the most demanded speaker to lecture in the UK. Reserve your ticket now as this will deffinately be sold out!!
Title: Principal. ACERN (Australian Close Encounter Resource Network)Vice President of Star Kids Project (SKP) USAOfficial Representative of the Star Kids Project Ltd AustraliaOrganizer: International Conference: ‘Hidden Truths’ Perth West Australia, 2003 Consultant, researcher for UFO exhibit “Phenomena.” 2000 Fremantle Perth.Committee member advisory board: Exopolitics

Clinical Hypnotherapist
Professional Counsellor 1987
Nurse (RN) 1966-1976 Clinical Member of ACCET (Academy of Clinical Close Encounter Therapists) USA
Committee member of ASPR/UFORUM (Australian Society for Psychical Research)
Midwife, (SCM) 1969-1976
Metaphysician, healer and Reiki Master 1996
International Speaker re UFO/Contact, and Star Children Phenomenon
Researcher, specializing in Contact experience.
Author ‘Awakening” (Fortune Books. UK) 2002. Re-published: (2005) by Michael Sharp @ Avatar Publications. North America, .ISBN 1-903782-03-1Available: Ingram, New leaf, Baker and Taylor & PhoenixOn-line: Barnes and Noble. & Filament Books
Producer/Director of Award winning Documentaries, DVD / video “Expressions of ET Contact…..A visual blueprint?’ & Expressions of ET Contact a communication and healing Blueprint?
Producer of meditation series. Journey to the Stars and audio & ‘Feel like you are having Contact experiences?
Inner Alchemy. Metaphysical, CD series and TAKE TEN relaxation series 2007
Published articles i.e. “Star Children.” “Counselling the Abductee” “The Abductee Support group.” "Awakening to Contact." Why did you take my son?' “ Honoring Multidimensional Realities” “The New Human (2006)” Alien Portrait 2008 (UFO mag) and How Positive Affirmations can change your personal reality. ( New Dawn Magazine 2007)
International and national speaker venues.
Murdoch University Perth WA 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001. 2004
UFOR Sydney 1998, 1999, 2002, 2003 and 2004
UFO International Conference 2002. Leeds University (UK)
Norfolk UFO group Norwich United Kingdom. 2000
Invited speaker for Leeds 22nd International UFO conference 2003 also London (LUFOS) and Cornwall UFO group 2003
Group facilitator for ‘Experiencers’ at International UFO Congress Laughlin Nevada USA 1999, 2000 & 2004
Speaker and Group Facilitator for the 2004 International UFO Congress Laughlin Nevada.
The 2004 National UFO Conference Campbelltown Sydney, Australia
Oxford talks. Oxford, United Kingdom 2004
Nexus International Conference (2005) Queensland Australia
Presentation for the University of the Third Age, University of Western Australia(2005)
Metaphysical UFO Conference Adelaide 2005
West Australian Tour 8 venues Crop Circles and Contact 2005
Adelaide, Cosmic Connections UFO conference November 2005
UFORM Stourbridge, Midlands United Kingdom
Oxford University, Oxford Union. UK April 2006
Institute of Integral Human Sciences IIIHS Canada May 2006
UFOBC Vancouver May 2006
Extraterrestrial Civilizations and World Peace Conference Hawaii 2006 see
UFOCUS NZ. Auckland and Tauranga, North Island New Zealand. 2006
International Metaphysical and Scientific Symposium 2007 Sydney Australia
New Zealand Future Perspectives Conference September 2007
UFO Metaphysical Conference Dec 2007 Adelaide Cosmic Connections
University of the third age
Society for Psychic development 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007.
Metaphysical groups
Australasian Society For Psychical Research (ASPR) Murdoch University
Conscious Living Expo x 3 Claremont West Australia
Australian Institute of Kinesiology WA
Public Library North WA. 2006
Public Library Belmont Perth WA 2006
Spiritualist church Kelmscott Perth 2007
Public Library Bibra Lake Perth 2007
Media, National and International Presentations Australia, Tasmania and Overseas.Radio,
National radio ABC, Triple J, Nova, 6PR and Local community radio
Rob Simone FM London & Leeds Radio (UK)
America, Jeff Rense Show x3,
Radio in San Francisco, 9 American (local) Radio Shows
Canada /Toronto
Televisa Mexico
The Organisation of UFO Research Japan Interview.
Jerry Pippin radio show
Ghost Radio. see interview by Denise Blazek
Sweeps Fox Irish internet radio @
BSB Radio, Interviewer Liz Miller
Vancouver. Alfred L Webre, CFRO 102.7 FM (2006)
Coast to Coast with George Noory August 2006 (USA)
Personal Live Interview with Delores Cannon Author Convoluted Universe 2007 see
Ufo undercover Joe Montaldo Radio USA November & Dec 2007
UFO undercover Joe Montaldo Radio Feb 2008
Book references to Rodwell
Biographical Encyclopaedia of People in Ufology and Scientific Extraterrestrial Research. Leading authorities, scientists, personalities and people who matter. Published 2008 Maximillien de Lafayette
Does it Rain in Other Dimensions Mike Oram published 2007 Forward written by Mary Rodwell
Magazines, newspaper articles locally and nationally and overseas
New Idea magazine x 2
Take 5
Woman’s Day magazine
The West Magazine x 2
Conscious Living magazine
Nova x 2
Aussie Post
The Australian Ufologist
Australian Doctor Focus Alien Invasion “Why We Need to Believe” 2003
Sunday Times STM magazine West Australia
UFO Magazine
New Dawn magazine (2006) – Interview with Mary Rodwell
The Weekend Australian x 2
The West Newspaper x 3
Sunday Times x3
Community newspapers x3
Bay of Plenty Times, “ Feel Smart, Thank your lucky Aliens. June 2006 New Zealand
Weekend Sun New Zealand ‘Close Encounters with Mary Rodwell Television/media appearances on Australian Television
Channel 2, (ABC) Channel 7, 9, & 10.
Channel 7 “Today, Tonight.” 2002
“The Couch” Access 31 2002
“Revive”Access 31 2002 and The Couch 2003 and Moose Goes Live 2004
“ Stateline” ABC TV July 2003
Channel 9 TV Six o’clock news 2003
“ George Negas Tonight” National ABC Television 2003 Australia.
“ Animal X .Discovery Channel Storyteller Productions (2005)
” Moosegoeslive” 2004 & 2005 Access 31
" Speaking in Tongues" SBS National TV Australia Dec 2005
TV documentary “OZ Encounters in Australia.”
BBC Documentary “ Paranormal Files” 2002
Hard Evidence 7 (Documentary on Abductions and UFO’s)
Discovery Channel Animal X (2005)
Professional history
Nurse and midwife 1966-1975 (UK)
Professional Counselling from 1987
Counsellor for Medical practice 5 years (UK)
Grief Counselling with Silver Chain Perth. 2 years (WA)
Samaritan Befrienders ( Telephone link for life crisis)(WA)
Centrecare Counselling Agency Perth WA. (4) years
Clinical Hypnotherapist
Certified Reiki Master
Master Teacher Magnified Healing.
Organiser of Perth’s First International Conference on “Hidden Truths” July 2003
Director and presenter of Film/video Documentary “Expressions of ET Contact a Visual Blueprint?’ (2000)
Director/Narrator Film/video Expressions of ET Contact, a Communication and Healing Blueprint? (2004)
Media promotion and speaker for Crop Circles and Contact tour of Western Australia 2002
Produced DVD The Reality of Contact 90 minute Presentation Murdoch University 2005 Welcome to the ACERN - Australian Close Encounter Resource Network - website. Here you can find information on all the current research of the Network.

ACERN is a resource and support network for all those with Close Encounter experiences.
ACERN is a professional organisation and as such, has several professionals available as a resource, offering information, counselling and therapy.
ACERN offers:
• Counselling and therapeutic support• Telephone and Internet support• Access to professionals, ie Psychologists, GP etc. as well as Complementary Practitioners• Information• Research into the experiences / contact phenomenon• Networking with Ufology and other relevant organizations here and overseas• A "buddy" contact system• Support group activities• Postal information, video and audio tape resources• Presentation lectures relevant to this phenomenon, here and overseas• Media information and interviews
ACERN offers a specialist and unique service, which can only be maintained by your financial support.
ACERN is a non-profit organisation which receives no private or Government funding. Your support is appreciated in helping us to help others. Please consider purchasing some of the many interesting products you may find on this page. Acern also accepts donations gratefully.
ACERN respects the privacy of all individuals. All art work and music on this website is copyright. If you wish to use any material, please contact ACERN.Type rest of the post here

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