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April 2009 - Dave Hodrien Lecture

Monday 6th April 2009
BUFOG Investigator Dave Hodrien presents…


A lecture giving you an insight into investigative work performed by the Birmingham UFO Group over the last year. As well as a general overview, two specific cases will be covered in detail:

The Bletchley UFO Incident of December 2008

A family witness numerous UFOs over one amazing evening of events. Many aspects of the case point towards an abduction scenario. A potential UFO landing site is discovered the following day. Listen to the evidence, see the photographs and watch video footage of the site for the first time!

The 2004 Longbridge Contact Incident

A man has a close encounter with something he cannot explain. Several months later he witnesses the appearance of small beings in his bedroom and unexplained markings on his skin. Is this a case of alien contact in Birmingham? Come along and decide for yourself!

Monday 6th April 7.30pm
The usual BUFOG venue (Midland Red Social Club, Wolverhampton Road South)
Hope to see you there…

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