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September 2010 - Joanne Summerscales Lecture


A lecture by Joanne Summerscales

Date: Monday 13th September 2010
Time: 7.30pm-11.30pm
Venue: Hot Shots Snooker Club, 100 Crosswells Road, Oldbury, B688HH
Price: £4.00 members, £5.00 non-members

With an initial training and background in media-orientated subjects, interest in well being also led to training in a therapy addressing negative pattern and roots, supporting stress management Joanne has had a long term interest in the human condition, and observed the machinations of social engineering, which led to a more in depth look into many fields allied to the development or arrest of higher human consciousness and progress, becoming a researcher of the many fields and layers thereof, seen and treated by society at large as being on the outer edges, still very much unacknowledged (by mainstream ‘conventionals’). These areas include; suppressed alternative/advanced technology, ET/human genetics, health/illness management and the extensive area of ufological/ET experience, including Exopolitics, that aspect of government concerned with guiding policy toward extra terrestrial phenomena and extra terrestrial beings. Formal Governmental Disclosure of these matters are fiercely fought by the powers-that-be ensuring that those who dare think outside the box, or those who question, debate and challenge the status quo, the ‘normal’ (is war normal?) are treated as crackpots, conspiracy theorist-types, mentally challenged, part of the lunatic fringe and otherwise ridiculed by society in general and peers and family, but the implications of such knowledge in the public domain will bring in to sharp relief, fields such as alternative technology.

This ridicule is to a great extent, what John Searl has been subject to at times in his life, and yet NASA, Lockheed, and other significant names have courted him. His passion has always been the development of a technology that would get us to New York from the UK in 30 minutes and to Cornwall from the midlands in just minutes, as well as a system that every home could have, that would convert ambient energy into useable electricity, and support all power requirements. His goal is to provide humanity with this clean, health- inducing technology, which he says we could have had in 1968, a year before the alleged moon landings. Joanne will give an outline of the history of alternative energy and an overview of the devices known as the SEG (Searl Effect Generator) and the IVG (Inverse Gravity Vehicle) and as far as is possible, give an insight into the history of a remarkable man. Joanne recently spent three days with Prof Searl, Bradley Lockerman, and Searl engineer, Fernando Morris during the Leeds Exopolitics event in August.

The John Searl Story is the approximately 109 minute story that US film maker, Bradley Lockerman made and will be shown after the talk.

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