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December 2010 - Dave Hodrien Lecture

Time: 7.30-11.30pm
Price: £2.50 members, £3.00 non-members

Dave Hodrien is the chairman and lead investigator for Birmingham UFO Group, and a particular specialist on the ET contact phenomenon. He has spoken before at both conferences and directly to the group. Over the last few years he has investigated many contact cases, however Dave will be giving a lecture on one of the most stunning cases of 2010.

The case involves a mother and son from Whitwell who have experienced contact for many years. What makes this case particularly interesting is both the degree of interaction, and that this contact appears to be ongoing. Dave will cover the case in full detail. The talk will include many witness drawings, photographs and video footage.

- Learn how contact with the Greys and other species began and how it continues to this day.

- Listen to the details of numerous UFO sightings that the individuals and their family have witnessed.

- Find out how the case has a direct link with the Howden Moor incident of March 1997.

- See footage taken from the hypnotic regression of one of the contactees relating to a 3 hour long abduction of her, her son and friend by a Flying Triangle craft.

- Watch actual video footage that may have been taken immediately prior to or following a contact experience!

As well as going over the Whitwell case in detail, Dave will give his opinions on the contact phenomenon in general, cover the many signs of contact and show analysis results of over 20 cases. However much or little you know about ET contact, you are sure to find it fascinating.

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