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June 2013 - Intruders (Cursed)

Date: Thursday 20th June
Time: 7.30-11.30pm
Price: Members £3.00 Non-Members £3.50

Due to an issue with the venue, we were not able to show Intruders in March, so have re-scheduled it for the June meeting.

Intruders is one of the most accurate movies to deal with the theme of alien abduction and contact. Released in 1992 it tells interlinking stories covering the experiences of two contactees and how they come to terms with what is happening to them. Based on a book by the late contact researcher Budd Hopkins, the film features many important aspects of contact including abductions, alien implants and the hybrid program. Two of the key characters in the movie are clearly based on Budd Hopkins and John Mack, and this movie is essential viewing for anyone interested in the UFO subject.

As well as a showing of Intruders, Dave will give an overview of recent investigation work and cover any important UFO-related news.

Hope to see you there, with or without popcorn!

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