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February 2018 - Robert Hulse Lecture

Date: Thursday 15th February 2018
Time: 7.30-11.30pm
Venue: Hot Shots Snooker Club, 100 Crosswells Road, Oldbury, Birmingham, B688HH
Price: £5.00 members, £5.50 non-members



Robert Hulse is an old school ufologist who has studied most aspects of the subject in great detail for at least 35 years. In company with his great friend and research colleague David Cayton, Robert is an acknowledged expert on crop circles and has assisted David for many years on the animal mutilation problem. His filming of both these subjects is included in the Richard D Hall productions; Crop Circles the Hidden Truth and Silent Killers. Robert's film is also featured in the Thrive documentary.

Robert has been a speaker at the Glastonbury Symposium, the Probe Conference at Lytham and at many other venues including Adelaide, South Australia, where he was also interviewed live at the ABC studios in Adelaide. He has also been interviewed on several US radio stations. His most recent lecture was given at the southern conference of the UFO Truth Magazine in Spring 2017.

Although he has previously included snippets of his personal abduction experiences and ET encounters in a few of his previous talks, tonight for the first time ever, he will reveal the whole truth of a life lived with a foot in two worlds.

BUFOG welcomes Robert to speak for the first time on his fascinating contact experiences. Chairman Dave will also provide the usual update on recent UFO activity and news. It's going to be an evening not to be missed...see you there!

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